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Creating Innovative Alternatives

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Community Development Alternatives, Inc

A Creative Approach to Problem Solving

Small communities face extraordinary challenges to survive in today’s economic environment, where economies of scale tip the scales in favor of larger communities. Downtowns must compete with big-city shopping malls and internet commerce for their piece of the market. Small school districts, faced with declining enrollment and escalating costs, must consider consolidation of schools despite the social and emotional costs of school closings. Aging infrastructures must be updated, despite a stagnant tax base and an aging population ill-prepared to absorb property tax or utility rate increases.

The challenges are many and require nimble thinking and a creative approach to problem solving. Community Development Alternatives embraces the challenges faced by small communities – because it has endured and thrived in facing its own obstacles.

As a small community development company, Community Development Alternatives knows its niche – helping small communities navigate the economic pitfalls of the new economy. In serving that niche, CDA finds itself in good company with communities that will lead the survival of rural America.

Mission Statement

To create innovative alternatives for local community development that represent responsible, compassionate, and progressive opportunities for the future.